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About Us

House Hub is dedicated to helping sellers and landlords find the best real estate agent.

We provide an independent and unbiased website that specialises in helping sellers and landlords find the best agent to sell or manage their property. Sellers and landlords can list their property for free and then receive, view and filter enquiries and offers from interested real estate agents.

'We don't and won't ever charge any commission or referral fees for the service we provide to you'

List your property for free. We give sellers and landlords the tools to quickly and easily list their property. We don't and won't ever take any commission or referral fees for the service we provide to you.

Get your own dedicated property page. You can add full property details and pictures to your property page. You can also use the in-built messaging system within your account to view and reply to agent enquires and offers.

We don't get in the way and we won't restrict your options. We're like not like other websites that dish out a small number of Property Proposals and Assessments from 'selected' agents in return for a commission or referral fee. We're independent and unbiased and allow sellers, landlords and agents to communicate freely amongst themselves, online and from the comfort of their own home or office.

All property listings are discrete and not available to the general public. Only registered real estate agents with an active House Hub account can view listed properties.

Your listing is obligation free. You can list your house and pick and choose from agent responses & offers and interact with agents of your choice...or none at all.

You can set a limit for the amount of agent enquiries/offers you want to receive. For example, you can set a limit to allow only 10 agents to enquire about your property. You can increase or decrease the limit at your leisure, the choice is yours.

You can send questions to agents. For example, 'what are your sales fees and rate of commission?'

You get the power to pick and choose between agents and select the best one for you.

Sign up & submit your property today. It's the easiest way to find an agent!